Sheryll’s Favorite Interviews

Fresh Air interview with Terry Gross, June 5, 2017. Author Sheryll Cashin’s talks about the Loving v. Virginia ruling, which overturned state laws prohibiting interracial marriage. Listen to interview

The Young Turks interview with Eric Byler,  Sunday, June 11, 2017.  Listen to interview: PART I  PART II

Community Watch & Comment – Wednesday, January 7th 2015. Sheryll Cashin is interviewed on “Place Not Race” on WPFW by David Whettstone. Listen to interview

NPR Talk of the Nation. The Manhattan Institute issued a report claiming that segregation had “ended.” Not quite. Check out Sheryll’s debate with one of the study’s authors. Listen to Interview

On Classism in the Black Community, WVON, Chicago. Sheryll Cashin is here with us to discuss this very topic. Sheryll teaches constitutional law and race and American law at Georgetown University. Sheryll, welcome to WVON. Obviously you’ve talked about this before. Is this one of the, I want to say, “Brewing under the surface”, issues in our community… Listen to Interview

NPR All Things Considered. Sheryll Cashin, the daughter of civil rights activist Dr. John Cashin Jr., has written a memoir. Her father’s activism led to the family’s financial ruin, and Cashin says being the child of an agitator is an “extraordinary, complicated inheritance.” Listen to Interview

WHYY Public Radio, Philadelphia. Sheryll Cashin is a Georgetown University law professor who writes about race relations, government, and inequality in America. She is also part of a family filled with political and civil rights activists, including her father,Dr. John L. Cashin Jr, who founded an independent alternative Democratic party and ran for governor against George Wallace in 1970. She discusses this legacy in her new memoir, “The Agitator’s Daughter.” Listen to Interview

WBHM Public Radio, Birmingham. Here’s a little known fact: in 1964, Alabama voters could not vote for President Lyndon Johnson because he was not on the ballot in Alabama. The Alabama Democratic Party controlled by segregationist Governor George Wallace saw to that. This angered civil rights activists including Dr. John Cashin, a Huntsville dentist who came from a family full of educated African Americans committed to improving life for Black southerners. Listen to Interview

NPR All Things Considered. While legal segregation is a thing of the past, racial separation persists in schools and in communities. That’s the conclusion Sheryll Cashin, a Georgetown University law professor and former clerk for Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, draws in her book, “The Failures of Integration.” Listen to Interview

The Urbanite. Law professor and author Sheryll Cashin talks about the diversity imperative and “the civil rights movement of the 21st century”. Read Interview