Sheryll Cashin on President Obama’s Legacy on Race Relations (29 min)
January 16, 2017
Professor Sheryll Cashin discusses the Obama administration’s impact on race relations in the U.S.





Sheryll’s reading of The Agitator’s Daughter at Politics & Prose bookstore aired on C-Span BookTV. She introduces the Agitator, her father, Dr. John L. Cashin, Jr., who was in the audience, and shares the family lore. Watch this!

Place Not Race – A Civil Rights Journey | Sheryll Cashin | TEDxGeorgetown (21 mins)

Vanderbilt University’s Chancellor’s Lecture Series: Sheryll Cashin – Place not Race: A New Vision of Opportunity in America (1 hr, 10 mins)


BookTV: Interview with Peter Slen, The Agitator’s Daughter (12 mins)

Lecture at University of St. Thomas (1hr, 16 mins)

C-Span: Kennedy Library Centennial Celebration of Thurgood Marshall (1 hr, 37 mins)

C-Span: Congressional Black Caucus Weekend, Interview, The Failures (9 mins)

Lecture at Vanderbilt University (48 mins)

Congressional Black Caucus Weekend, Interview with a blogger, The Agitator’s Daughter (6 mins)