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Lecture Topics & Booking

Shall We Overcome? Multiracial Politics in the 21st Century:
Sheryll will offer her assessment of current and future race relations and the prospects for building cohesive multiracial coalitions that can lead to saner public policies that reduce inequality and transform America.

Agitators and Strivers, Recapturing the African-American Dream:
An uplifting speech, drawing heavily from her family memoir, The Agitator’s Daughter, Sheryll will inspire the audience to understand, embrace and actualize the twin values of W.E.B. DuBois’ “Talented Tenth”, personal excellence and political agitation.

Other Topics:
• Civil Rights in the 21st Century
• To be Muslim or Muslim Looking: A Comparative Experience of Discrimination in America
• Justice Thurgood Marshall – A Race Man’s Life and Jurisprudence
• The Lessons of Reconstruction for Modern Multiracial Democracy

Booking Information:
If you would like to book Sheryll for a speaking engagement please send her an email describing your event, including the date(s), sponsors and proposed terms for her service.